Body Spa Salon

Las Vegas, Nevada

Jessica Taylor, Felix McShan, Jeremy Mihelich

Sin City Showdown!

One of Las Vegas’s largest salons will surely standout at The Battle! Specialty color and cutting is their passion in this desert salon success. This team took first place at a major hair showdown, beating all other Sin City competitors and holding the current title. Woo showdown Vegas style!

788 voted



Team Members


Jessica Taylor 

Area of specialty: education and color


Too hotties salon manager

Roni Josef salon and spa stylist and Obliphica representative

Body spa stylist


Felix McShan (Tre’)

Formal training from Ferraris Cosmetology School

Hair stylist, educator, Farouk certified, color application, hair extensions

22 years experience


Jeremy Mihelich

FB    Jeremy Mihelich

Specialty design cutting & coloring


Years of Experience 

Jessica - 6 years in the industry

Felix (Tre’) – 22 years

Jeremy – 10 years



Jessica  Anyone at the top that has busted their ass inspires me! I love watching the drive and seeing them reap the benefits!

Jeremy - Sandra Yu, Robert Cromeans


What winning the competition would mean to the team: 

Jessica –  I have to be honest in answering this question and I know I’m not speaking for my fellow teams members as they have succeeded in much much more than I. This competition truly is a dream for me and like any other dream I wish to come out at the top. Losing is not really an option for me however, I’ve also come to the realization that just being in this competition and having this opportunity with all theseAmazing stylists is an honor especially at this time in my career!!!

Jeremy - As a salon, Battle of the Strands will launch us onto the national scene

50 Responses

  1. Ginger Meyer says:


  2. Peg Ashman says:

    Congratulations and best of luck. Your pursuit of excellence is inspiring!

  3. Ruth says:

    Awesome job!!!

  4. Evelyn Aguilar-Cruz says:

    Congratulations Jeremy, (Peggy Ashman’s cousin)

  5. Don Eddy says:

    Thanks everybody for your support…tomorrow is another day…given the problems voting…we are happy to be 3rd….after the first day….please pass on the link as we have 13 more days to insure our position in the competition…
    Don Eddy (:-)>
    Project Manager

  6. Ex says:

    Fun and fabulous Jessica Taylor, I am very proud of you are very talented artist you showed that since you were in middle school….go team Body Spa!!!

  7. Tramar says:

    GOOOOOOOOOO TRE :-) I know u can do it!!! Your the best there is and blessed in every way !

  8. Nakia says:

    You’ve always been the best Third!!! Sending you a hometown congrats!! Wishing you crazy success!!!

  9. Marquita says:

    Congratulations Tre (Third). You are the best and always have been. Represent for all of us that was there in the beginning of your wonderful career. You got this!!!!!!

  10. DeAngela Taylor says:

    GREAT JOB!!!! I LOVE IT! You still rock on that hair art Third, great team work you guys. So much talent. Y’all did the dang thing! Good luck you guys… luv you lil bro.

  11. Elena says:

    Very cool you guys! hope you win!

  12. VONNY says:

    I am constantly amazed by you guys, the passion comes out in every job you do. You are all such amazing, kind, generous individuals and you own it every time. I have seen and felt the love you all put out there. I love you guys!!
    One of your Biggest Fans,

  13. Mary W. says:

    Many Congrats!

  14. TREVA says:

    Wow Tre, this is awesome. You have always been an inspiration to others and the passion and love you have for what you do definately shows here. Love ya!

  15. Ms. V. Caper says:

    Third you have a greatest gift#1 Hairstyles u go dude.

  16. Ms. V. Caper says:

    Third u have the greatest gift#1 Hairstyles u go Boy sat it off. Ok!!!!!!….

  17. Kat T says:

    Body Spa Rocks

  18. Calder says:

    Good luck! You have my vote Jeremy!

  19. suzanne Burt says:

    I want to vote for Jessica. She’s dynomite and my friends daughter. Best to you, Suzanne Burt

  20. Shannon Johnson says:

    Wow Tre(Third) I am so so proud of you! You’ve came a long way from doing hair in Grandma’s basement on Parkway! No matter what the outcome may be…please know that you and your crew are winners in my book and I wish you all the love and support humanly possible. God Bless U!

  21. Tawana says:

    Congratulations Third!!!! You’re the best stylist, glad you’re living your dreams!!!!

  22. Joyce Walthour says:

    Congrats Third!!!!! one love from day one……represent the gift that GOD has given you, youre an amazing stylist

  23. Jeanna Woodson says:

    WOW!!! Third!!! I am so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments!!!! Cudo’s to you and your crew!!!! Congrats and you truly have my full support. Love you and God Bless you.

  24. Ronnice Grevious-Smith says:

    Hey third we miss the love in BC keep up the good work and thankyiou for being a true friend to the end.

  25. Maya Williams says:

    Third, you are an Artist!!! Congratulations to you and continue to grow in the awesome blessing God has given you!! You are already famous….

  26. Kelli Cross says:

    Felix ” Tre’ ” McShan (Third) – we are all so very proud of you! What an amazing talent!

  27. Cynthia says:

    Love Casey Grana at Body Spa!!!

  28. Benita Whitney says:

    Congrats on your endeavors Felix aka Tre’ McShan our own Battle Creek, Michigan native. The Doctor of hair. Love it!!! Keeping it fabulous always.

  29. Java says:

    Love you and miss you 3rd(Felix)!!!!!!!!

  30. Najawa says:

    Alright now cuz (Felix). I see you still doing your thing. No stopping you and I know you’ll continue to have much sucess. Congrats are in order.

  31. Najawa says:

    I still want my hair done by my cuz (Felix). Miss you so much. Love you.

  32. Neka says:

    I miss my hairdresser, come back to Michigan please Tre. Good luck!!!

  33. Shell jones says:

    Good luck Third.! You already Won, Miss u glad you made it! Very Blessed Hands. You got my Vote Much Love .

  34. Catina says:

    Felix, Ive always been a fan of urs as well…Ur amazing, good luck guys u deserve it!!!!

  35. drerid says:

    Brother – you are absolutely the BEST. Good luck to you and the entire Body Spa team!

    Uncle – Hope that you can win, I don’t have any doubts. (Dre’)

  36. Timeaka Reese says:

    Congrats &&& Good luck Third ((Tre))!!! U r truly blessed!!!

  37. Don eddy says:

    As of now. Sun. Nite. We are 10th of 22. We will be attending a Chamber of Commerce…young professionals mixer @ Planet Hollywood..Miricle Mile…Wed…the last day of voting..also gonna video the event & send to competition committee
    Thanks everyone for your Support…’We feel da love’
    Don Eddy
    Project Manager

  38. Rod Rich says:

    Good Luck Cuz Keep Up The Amazing Work

  39. Patricia Cortez says:

    Good luck u guys!!!! Thanks for representing- body spa in da house- lol!!

  40. Regina West says:

    Go third! Live ur dream u kno ur 1 of the best here an out there! Congrats!!

  41. Don Eddy says:

    The voting phase of the competition is over…Thank God!!! THANK YOU!!, ! for your support, we feel totally acknowledged by every one of you that rallied your friends and voted for us. Its in the hands of the judges now, to determine our future in this competition. I believe we have the best story, and the most talented team, for a national TV market., and will continue to believe this, whatever the outcome. Wheathr we are in the seats or on the stage, count on us to never, never give up our commitment to you and our work.
    Don Eddy

  42. Shaunta Mullins says:

    Tre I know you got this but know know I”m rooting and willing to support your movement in any way … Love you and see you soon!!

  43. Quincy says:

    Good job Third,
    im proud of you homie keep it up!

  44. Quincy says:

    The sky is the limit!

  45. Linda Cooper says:

    Felix, you are the best!!! We vote for you!!
    - May The Lord continue to bless you.
    We wish you continue success always!
    You got this!
    We will see you soon!
    Love ya!

  46. Team Bodyspa :) there love will live forever !! Love you guys hard! Battle of the strands here they come BEWARE ….they will rock you HARD!! Best of luck everybody is a winner that’s who we are :) Debbie Ritchey owner operator Bodyspa salons

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