Congrats to GLAM ALLIANCE! 2012 Battle of the Strands Winner!

Glam Alliance

The Other Teams That Competed in the FINALE!


Mile High Magic

Clark Russell Salon

Body Spa Salon

Featuring performers include:

Nick Ayler

Music has never been just a sound to me, especially when I started deejaying. Being a curator to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people is one of the most auxilarating feelings that Ive ever had the pleasure of experiencing. With a simple drop of a bass beat, or a single tone, dropped to just a voice, the life of any party resides in the hands of it’s DJ.

The Los Angeles Samba Dancers

The Los Angeles Samba Dancers are a specialized Brazilian Style Carnival Dance Company founded by Joany Macia.

Lex Rox

LexRox is a performing powerhouse who commands attention when she takes the stage. With her high-energy music and be a rebel message, she captivates the audience whether tweens, teens or adults. LexRox appeal is her ability to glam it up with girls and be like one of the boys for a challenge. She is not afraid of friendly competition as shown by her moves on stage and her queen of the court swagger. The fans that follow include girls who play sports and relate to her “go all in” attitude. The boys follow cause she has “the look”, and then are hooked when she speaks their language.

Other Great Teams That Competed

Plush Salon3 Hair MakeupSalon De Cordova

Posare Summerlin

Oasis Salon

Gina & Renee

Salon San Marco

Salon Identity

Ocean Style

Hair Success

Diva Studio

D Spot

Posare Town Square

Posare Eastern

Posare NW

Styling for a Cure

Mane Luxe