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San Francisco, California

Clark Russell, Jeffrey Lotspeich, Anje Mayma, Brenda Agcaoili

Make Things Happens!

A fierce and eclectic team the personalities enhance the true strength and quality of these creators. Working with the most elite of celebrity clientele and regularly appearing at major media events. Definitely making things happen while being tongue in cheek! Elegance extravaganza!

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Team Members

Clark Russell

Clark has built his career on knowing that being a great hairstylist means not limiting yourself to one ethnicity in hairstyling. Clark Russell, who is a __ has taken on this philosophy to his clients. When starting out in his career, Clark Russell was crossing over ethnic boundaries with his clients to give them the polished look they wanted. Clark has implemented this concept throughout his career and has become a respected stylist, make-over artist and beauty expert. Now coined as a _Celebrity Stylist_, _VIP Make-Over Artist_ and _Beauty Expert_,

Clark has built a multi ethnic international cliental that circulates through his chair and salon. Clark has been a beauty expert and event correspondent for and a stylist as well. Clark has worked on celebrities and highly regarded philanthropists, including _Maria Menounos, Aisha Morris, Richard Branson, Eve Branson, Bel Hernandez, Kikey Castillos, Karina Castillo, Constantine Maroulis, Colleen Dominguez, Vicki Liviakis, Marilu Henner, Nadia Alexandria_ and many more.

Clark has also worked on hair styling and make-up artistry sets for several music videos and commercial projects including projects for  Carlos Santana’s restaurants,  Khelleher & Associates ,  TART Collections, Constance Marie’s Fashion line, and Ed  Hardy’s Street Fame fashion show for LA Fashion Week. Clark also teamed up with greeting card store  Papyrus and fashion designer  for “Fashions Night Out”. 

Clark Russell and his work have been featured in several industry related magazines such as Maly’s Salon Professional, Salon Sophisticates Magazine, Short Hair Magazine, Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide Magazine,,, California Stylist Newspaper, BE Magazine. Also being featured in several other national and local publications, Clark has been in LA Opinion, Bay Area Newsgroup, The Dixon Tribune, Diablo Magazine, Walnut Creek Magazine, and VIP Latino to name a few. Clark and his salon have had a few show business stints themselves appearing on The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show on Bravo, and the salon was also featured on the Emmy nominated season finale of “Split Ends” on the Style Network. Clark’s recent appearance on _”Top Gear” on The History Channel will aired on March 2012.

As a beauty expert for Strive to Thrive campaign with actress and founder Nicole Ari Parker, Clark blogs weekly about tips and trends for all things releated to hair and beauty. We also tweets weekly about what he strives for as a motivational public figure and what makes him thrive. After working on creating his product line over the past several year, Clark launched a luxury hair care line which is inspired by his work as a make-over artist and celebrity stylist. The line will allow clients to achieve great looks at home while maintaining their color and hair health. The line is expected to expand within the next year.


Jeffrey Lotspeich aka Bobbi Pinn

 is a fresh, talented stylist at Clark Russell the salon and famed Lady Gaga illusionist in the San Francisco Bay Area known as Bobbi PInn.

After graduating from the San Francisco Institute, a Paul Mitchell Partner School, Jeffery has continued to put his focus in education to keep on top of the hottest trends and techniques in the industry.

Jeffrey implements his knowledge learned from Toni and Guy London Academy, Paul Mitchell Cuttings, and Vivian Mackinder styling  techniques into his own work making cutting and styling his signature specialty at Clark Russell the salon. For the professional male, Jeffery also specializes in spectacular men’s cuts, offering a chic and modern sophistication to his male make-overs.


Anjie Mayma

Anjie is a make-up artist extraodinaire and female illusionist. Anjie has done make-up professionally for 7 years and has performed professionally for 6 years. Because of her background with SmashBox, Stila, TooFaced and CHANEL, Anjie is an accomplished and versatile make-up artist and not to mention a Sickeningly Fabulous entertainer!


Brenda Agcaoili

Brenda is a fashion forward stylist who creates the trends in her work and personal style. Brenda has been around the fashion and beauty industry for several years before graduating from Marianello Cosmetology School and is now a fresh stylist in the industry with years of knowledge behind her. Brenda’s specialties are styling, make-up artistry and long hair layering.



Clark Russell- Over 16 years, Clark Russell salon, Red Carpets, Papyrus, NIQUEA D. Tart Collections

Jeffrey Lotspeich- Over 4 years, Clark Russell Salon, Drag Shows, Editorial work with Clark.

Anjie Myma – Over 4 Years as Channel Make-up Artist, Drag Shows and Clark Russell the salon.


Experience working with celebrities? 

Clark has worked with several Celebrities for red carpet events. While all cannot be disclosed, we can name a few including Maria Menunous, Mirabina Jaimes, Colleen Dominguez, Marilu Henner, Vicki Liviakis, Aisha Wonder, Sir Richard Branson, Eve Branson, Rami Kashou.


What inspires you? 

Things that inspire us are fashion, music, art movements, colors and textures.


Do any of your team members have a person that you idolize, or someone who inspires you in the hair, makeup, salon or general beauty industry? 

Clark-Madonna was always a huge inspiration to Clarks fashion and life, however Martin Parsons was always a favorite for Clark as far as hairstyling goes.

Jeffrey- Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration to Jeffrey. She inspires all of Jeffrey’s looks as a drag queen both in hair, make-up and fashion.

Anjie- Beyonce is a huge influence with Anjie’s style, make-up artistry and of course in drag.


Why do you think your team should be one of the top 10 salons to compete in Las Vegas this fall?

I think what our team will bring to the Las Vegas show in the fall would be an eclectic composition of creativeness, vision and a fierce sense of presence in the show. As entertainers and artists we can outshine any of the competition on stage and make it a show worth watching beyond just hair and beauty talent.


What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

For our salon, it means a sense of accomplishment and being part of a creative movement in an industry we are passionate about. Who wouldn’t want to list winner of Battle of the Strands to their bio.



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  1. I am SO Excited about this competition & really hope we make it to VEGAS to compete for the win!!!

  2. GO TEAM Russell , I want to see you win !

  3. Vicki Liviakis says:

    Clark and his team ROCK!!! They have my vote!
    Best wishes,

  4. Nannette C says:

    Clark and Jeffrey and the team are the best! They will add creativity, fun, inspiration, and high energy to the event!!

  5. April Murphy says:

    If you want to look good anytime not just for a special occasion then make Clark and his team your go to stylists and make up artists. I have enjoyed their talents for years and can’t recommend them enough.

  6. calamity jyl says:

    Okay, I guess I’ll forgive you for telling me that your 5 year old sister needed a bra more than me in 6th grade…but only because it was true.
    Good luck “Clark” (wink wink) I’ll be cheering for you!

  7. DHM says:

    Good luck “boys”!

  8. Ron Abeyta says:



  9. Rosa Flores says:

    So proud of you!!! Go Team Russell!!!

  10. Stephanie Beaman says:

    Originality… CHECK!!
    Creativity… CHECK!!
    Extremely fierce talent… CHECK!!

    What else could you want in a dream team?? These guys have it all and they do it with incredible flair! Send them to Vegas baby, for the good of the entire hair and makeup community, these boys deserve to share their gifts!

  11. Laura Schmid says:

    Clark Russell & his team are amazing talents!
    They have my vote!!!

  12. Lorraine Bingham says:

    You have my vote, who else would anyone want but Team Clark!!! Goooo Team Clark..gooo team Clark.

  13. kathleen monarch says:

    You have my vote Clark. Bravo!!

  14. Go get em, Team Clark!! Y’all rock.

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    Yeah!!!!I’m IN for Team CLARK!Great meeting you on the Red Carpet in Hollywood!Bring it on to VEGAS!XO

  16. Sherri says:

    Clark is the master!!! What a glam squad. Voting my ****** off!!!!!

  17. Brieona Cracker says:

    Good luck, what an amazing team!!!

  18. Team Clark Russell is prepping for the battle, keep spreading the word!!!

  19. Racheline ayun says:

    Clark Russell and his team has the most talented stylist and makeup artist in the San Francisco Bay Area! We all you love you and go to Vegas and bring back the title of Battle of the strands

  20. Mary Sarracino says:

    What an incredible team at Clark Russell Salon – we are fortunate to have such talent in the Bay Area! Hope you get to show your talents in Las Vegas – but don’t stay there too long.

  21. Ian Gavet says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Clark on many occasions at hair shows and industry events, ever the consummate professionaI I have no reservations in casting my vote for this super talented hair stylist !!

  22. Cyrus Bulsara says:

    Great work!

  23. Another new video of some looks we did this week at The Clark Russell Salon!

  24. Monica Rutherford says:

    This team deserves to win!

  25. Bashful says:

    Good luck Dom Deloise!!!

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    You are amazing! I hope you win!!

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    You guys are so talented! Hands down! Vegas! ;)

  28. Joan Tunac says:

    Go Team Russell!

  29. dana e says:

    Great work and great team. I”ve worked and known Clark and Brenda for a long time. Very talented and super creative stylists!! Jeffrey is amazing too!! Team Russell should be #1 …

  30. Rosie says:

    Someone is ripping Clark Russell off. I have had trouble voting for the last 3 days. Now when I vote it goes round and round for a long time before it takes my vote. Clark Russell should have much more votes. Your still #1. Love you

  31. Rosie says:

    Anyone having this same problem PLEASE post it here.

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    It hasn’t been letting me vote for the last few days either. Something definately not right! Team Clark should be at the top of the pack!

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