Fringes Salon

Omaha, Nebraska

Carol Cole Lapole, Omar, Rodriquez, Tiffany Welch, Kristina Lee

We Want To Inspire

Fringes Midwest work ethic, as well as their star-studded talent has taken them from Nebraska to Puerto Rico and everywhere in between. Members have appeared on MTV, regularly seen at LA fashion week and been on tour with Ricky Martin. Now that’s inspiring from a team smack dab in the Middle of the United States!

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Team Members

· Carol Cole – Owner – Facebook : Twitter : carolatfringes

· Omar Rodriguez – Artistic Director  - Facebook : Twitter : edgeworthyomar

· Tiffany Welch – Master Stylist – Facebook : Twitter : hairbytw

· Kristina Lee, Master Stylist – Facebook :  Twitter : Kristinally



Carol Cole LaPole – 38 Years Fringes Salon Omaha, Ne – Owner and Founder of Fringes and Bangs Salons. Winner of the first Lyal McCaig Lifetime Achievement Award 2009.

Tiffany Welch – 9 1/2 Years Fringes Salon Omaha, Ne

Omar Rodriguez – 13 Years Puerto Rico and the past 5 years at Fringes Salon Omaha, Ne

Kristina Lee – 3 1/2 Years – Fringes Omaha, Ne. Works for Infrashine Company and travels on average 16 weekends a year across the U.S during show season to teach new and upcoming styles to fellow stylist and has traveled to Guatemala to teach at hair shows.


Experience working with celebrities?

Omar has worked with Ricky Martin and his B&W tour working with Ricky and his crew! He did that for 3 years! He also did the CD cover for John Secada. For 3 years he worked on a Reality How with Univision “Objectivoo Fama” taking care of the makeovers for the participants. He also had worked with Puerto Rico’s High Fashion Week and segments with Wanda Montes on the local morning news channel 4 & 11.

Kristina worked with MTV’s Teen Mom show with Farrah Abraham. She has worked with LA fashion week for the past 3 years.


What inspires you?

Carol – My team. The passion of the long timers and the newbies! I LOVE going to work every day with artistic, crazy fun people!
Omar – Everything handmade, mother nature, life, art and anything theater!

Tiffany – My teammates! I love their creativeness! I watch them and they get inspired and they watch me and get inspired and it just snowballs into an excellent finished product!

Kristina – Life inspires me. It’s such a gift to wake up everyday and live it completely different from the day before. Being around motivated people every time I’m in the salon is inspiration in itself.


Do any of your team members have a person that you idolize, or someone who inspires you in the hair, makeup, salon or general beauty industry?

Carol – The love of God inspires me to be the best that He created me to be.  All the Glory to Him! Also, Lyal McCaig, the owner of Capitol Beauty School in Omaha, NE was a huge influence and inspiration for me throughout my career.

Omar – My team and the inspiration I get from making my client’s day with my talent I’ve been blessed with!

Tiffany – My team is so talented and so much fun to work with. They push me to be the best and I’m always learning new tricks on how to take it to the next level!

Kristina – I’m constantly inspired with the team I work with, our minds together would blow anyone away. Two heads are better than one? How about 14? :)  My celeb inspiration is GAGA. She has no limits and is always risking her image in the name of hair and fashion. The more outrageous, the better!


Why do you think your team should be one of the top 10 salons to compete in Las Vegas this fall?

Fringes deserves to be chosen to compete as one of the top 10, because we WILL put on an incredible show. To be chosen, would mean we would have a chance to show that the midwest should never be overlooked. As a team we have the capability to move people and show our creativeness in ways people would not expect. Hair is our canvas and the creativeness is endless. We will have you picking your jaws up off the ground!


What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

Since Fringes works as a team we have one goal when working together : We want to inspire. Winning the competition would be an incredible achievement for the salon. It would show that The Fringes Team is always putting themselves out there to show what we can do. We don’t have anything to prove to anyone, we just want to show that we are capable of doing big things and keep up with the trends on the east and west coast. We constantly wasn’t to inspire people around us. We are a passionate team that want to rock out some awesome hair and makeup. We constantly want to inspire and be inspired!

69 Responses

  1. Kathy Lee says:

    Great salon…great people!!

  2. Alex Sosa says:

    These stylists are amazing and do it all. I don’t go anywhere else but to them. They are artists.

  3. Dulmary says:

    Congratulations Omar and Kristina declared his success….

  4. Nancy Anaya says:

    Fringes Salon is thee salon in Nebraska!
    They’re more than hair and makeup, they’re artists that inspire others.
    When I think of an amazing salon that does it all with a level of excellence I think of Fringes Salon.

  5. Go Fringes! LOVE YOU LONG TIME.

  6. karah linn says:

    I am a professional model and i can honestly say through out my career of traveling and being in the market the best salon i have been to and enjoyed is Fringes, i have worked with Kristina alot and its not just being the master stylist its about who you are and with her personality and what she does that is the true meaning of why she is THE Master stylist. I love fringes and they should be number one! :)

  7. Nicole Keimig says:

    Kristina is a wonderful person all around and is ah-mazing at doing hair and makeup. And fringes is just awesome in general they are super fun and professional people! :) I love working with them!

  8. Terrie Brownson says:

    Fringes is by far the best in Omaha, they are cutting edge, fun, friendly, professional and I get compliments on my hair all the time!!!!! Always helpful in making the right decision on style, color, cut, just love them all, a true team!!!!! Go fringes!!!!!!

  9. Sarah S. says:

    There’s no question about it, this is the salon in Nebraska that other salons inspire to be one day, that the cosmetology students wish to work, and the customers are in awe of all the hard work Fringes does on a regular basis! Fringes is always offering the next trend, holding events throughout the communities, and providing everyone the chance to really express themselves. fringes is by far the most educated, up for anything, and inpired salon. Love you Fringes!!!

  10. Trish Doebel says:

    Omar is AMAZING! He has been doing my hair for almost 2 years now, and I am constantly amazed at his work. I trust him completely, whether it is color, cut or style. The entire Fringes team is fun, energetic and most of all, extremely talented. You guys rock!

  11. Jackie o says:

    Awsome PLACE :) GREAT PEOPLE…. I love miss CAROL <3

  12. Sue B says:

    Carol is the best. I’ve traveled half way across the country to have her work on my hair. Wish you would open a salon in Orlando!

  13. Angie says:

    Cloe is my girl at Fringes, I always leave feeling younger. Amy is the best ever manicurist she rocks. Fringes has and does it all with style

  14. annette spellman says:

    Carol is the best ….a true artist!!!

  15. Mark says:

    I am proud to be a part of the Fringes family. They do a great job of pampering all of their clients.

  16. Rosita says:

    Omarrrr congratulations

  17. Jenny says:

    The stylists at Fringes do some amazing work. I have been going to Tiffany for many years, and now my entire family goes to her. Not only does she do amazing things with hair, she’s incredibly talented at doing eyelash extensions!

  18. Tammi says:

    Tiffany is fabulous and extremely talented! She is the only person I will go to for eyelash extensions – she is the best! This salon has it all and great people. Stacie always makes me feel so welcome when I walk in the door – I always enjoy seeing her and looking at the new fashionable accessories! My favorite salon!!

  19. Kathie says:

    Fringes doesn’t just follow trends, they create trends!

  20. amanda says:

    I LOVE Fringes!!! I recommend it to everyone I know & wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  21. tiffany says:

    Love u amanda!

  22. MJ says:

    I love Carol at Fringes!

  23. MJ says:

    Carol you’re the best. I love you!!!!

  24. Luke says:

    I love Fringes! Omar is brilliantly talented, and so are the ladies. I just watched the top ten video submissions, and fringes’ blows me away. Good job team! :)

  25. MARY says:

    I love Fringes out West! They are always friendly and creative!

  26. Marty says:

    Been going to Carol and her team for 30 yrs even when I lived in Chicago would make the trip back every 5-6 weeks for haircut. Carol is more then just my stylist she has been like family has been there for high’s and low’s in life….a true friend!

  27. Troy Davis says:

    I worked for Carol Cole in her salon for four years before the two of us partnered in a second location. Located in the historical district of downtown Omaha called The Old Market. It is a busy, vibrant place that is eclectic and unique to say the least. Our partnership and our business has been the biggest and best blessing of my life. And I can’t imagine someone more deserving of national recognition for a life time of hard work and commitment to an industry. Carol is a true leader. She has inspired many and won’t stop. Thanks Carol! For the contribution that you are to this planet. I LOVE YOU!!!

  28. Eric burden says:

    As a fellow salon owner in this city I have a great deal of respect for the fringes team. They are outstanding artists, community participants, and great educators. I am proud to be involved with salons such as fringes. I think they would be amazing! I wish I could vote more! Cheers guys
    Eric burden

  29. Josh Kay says:

    I’ve been going to Fringes for the past few years. No other place makes me feel like family like they do. I don’t even want to think about moving again unless the salon moves with me. Kristina Lee cuts are amazing.

  30. Emily Martinez says:

    I love Fringes!
    Kristina is AMAZING!(:

  31. Becky says:

    ILove Fringes!!!!!

  32. Sharayah Cox says:

    Kristina is by far one of the most talented, passionate people I have ever met she truly cares about every person she meets and takes such pride in her work. I love going into fringes salon it’s such a fun and welcoming environment it’s clear everyone loves their job and is happy to be where they are!! Good luck to the fringes salon!

  33. Stacey Barnes says:

    I have managed Fringes Salon for nearly 11yrs. Working at Fringes and for Carol is a dream job. I love seeing the stylist visions everyday. It is “Hair Art”. We have a amazing Team of Designers, I am proud to say I work at Fringes Salon & Spa. Love Love!

  34. Pat H. says:

    I met Carol and her team nearly 17 years ago. They became family and friends as well as stylists.. I especially appreciate the professional atmosphere of both Fringes Salons here in Omaha. An appointment there is always a “fun” event!!

  35. Rebecca says:

    I met the Fringes team while working for LivingSocial in Omaha. They’re deals consistently out performed other beauty deals on the strength of their brand in the market. I just learned that their most recent deal performed so well it was in the top 3 deals in the nation last week. LivingSocial has over 100 markets in the US and offers multiple deals in each market every day. For this salon to make the Top 3 Revenue generators in the US is a MAJOR accomplishment. They are serious players.

  36. Lisa says:

    You guys ROCK!! Go get em in VEGAS!! wahoo

  37. Deanna says:

    Yesterday was my first time at fringes. Everyone was very nice and friendly. Tiffany was great and knew exactly what I wanted to do with my hair for the wedding. I can’t wait for my wedding party to experience the place as well!

  38. Carli Forhan says:

    I love Fringes! The atmosphere is superb, I love walking in there and knowing before every fashion show I am going to look absolutely perfect. There is never a dull moment in this salon!

  39. Carla Gottsch says:

    I have been going to Carol and her staff for over 25 years. My mom started the tradition and I now bring my 5 children!! Wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. 3 generations and counting!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  40. Paula Smith says:

    Tiffany is the BEST and she gets me :o )

  41. Lauren Wurgler says:

    Tiffany and Sarah have been doing my hair since I was a little girl. I will not let anyone touch my hair!! I will never go anywhere else!

  42. Good Morning EVERYONE! We wanted to stop by and let you know that your votes and comments are so appreciated. Your words are so inspiring and motivate us THAT MUCH MORE! Keep voting, sharing and commenting! We want to make you proud! :) Love you all! xoxox Carol, Omar, Tiffany, Kristina and the rest of the Fringes Team!

  43. Cheryl Husome says:

    Love your video, hope you all win!!! Looks like you have a lot of fun!!! Wish I lived closer would come and have you work some magic with my hair!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  44. Lani says:

    Tell your friends to vote more!!!

  45. Veronica Watson says:

    I love the styles and color Chloe creates for me everytime!
    The products and sales the salon offers are always outstanding!
    I would go anywhere else

  46. Connie Fernald says:

    GO Fringes!!! Omar is the best stylist I’ve been to and I have gotten lots of compliments on my hair since I’ve gone to Fringes. Good Luck to all the talented artist there.

  47. Mariah says:

    Fringes completely blew away Omaha Fashion Week! The creativity that comes from these wonderful individuals are completely unique and stunning!!! These people definately know how to show everyone what their passion is about! I absolutely love the fact that every time I come in (i choose to go to a different person every time because i love the experiences!) I get the same respect but I learn sooo much about hair products, techniques and about my own hair!!! Absolutely love Fringes, they are definately EDGEWORTH!!!

  48. Jill says:

    The Fringes team is the best. From the kindness they show little old ladies who stop in every Saturday morning, to cutting edge styles on the runway, these pros are able to bring it every time. Love to Chloe, my favorite Fringes stylist!!!! Hope you can rock it in Vegas…you all deserve it!

  49. CK says:

    Fringes has an amazing team! They are friendly, talented, and true artists :) <3 you guys!

  50. Park says:

    Carol and her girls are the best, allways having fun and on the cutting edge.

  51. Niamh Murphy says:

    Fringes is Omaha’s top salon…. And love to go just to heat Omar’s sexy accent! Grrrrrr. All amazing stylists and artists. X

  52. Jared says:

    Fringes Salon is THE salon I recommend everyone to. The stylists are talented and versatile. They truly listen to what their clients want and give people styles that fit them and make them feel beautiful.
    My life changed when I began going to Fringes.They boosted my confidence tremendously, and I always feel sexy and beautiful because of them. The team is so generous with their time and talent to me and all of my projects. They support all of my photo shoots and any other projects I come at them with.
    This team genuinely has the talent and deserves to win.

  53. Miranda Haist says:

    First time at Fringes was on Monday. Shayne did an excellent job with my trim and highlights! Very happy with the friendly service and fresh atmosphere!

  54. Darlene says:

    Carol has been my stylist for a lot of years. She and the salon are the very best.

  55. Gina says:

    Omar is the first stylist that I have ever trusted 100% with my hair. He does amazing work!

  56. Darci says:

    Fringes is awesome! I get my nails and hair done there! Love it and everyone there!

  57. Sue says:

    I have been Carols assistant for 12 years and she takes care of her clients with love and respect from those sweet “old ladies” to the younger “Edgeworthy” clients. What a fun time I have going into work!

  58. Sue Gerding says:

    I have been going to Fringes for over 9 nines, and her color and cuts are fabulous!!! Fringes is the only salon I will go to!!

  59. Sue Gerding says:

    Have been going to Fringes for over nine years to hair service and nail service and the experience has been tremendous. Will only go there. The staff is incredible

  60. toni says:

    go fringes ! :)

  61. I have had so many people go to Carol because of how great she always does my hair, but they also, like me, love to go see and be around Carol because she is an inspiration to us all. She is truly a rare woman that brings out the best in all of us. Thank you Carol for coming into my life!

  62. annette spellman says:

    Carol and fringes are the best artists! Want to look your best….go to fringes salon!

  63. Tm says:

    The “artists” at Fringes are genius. I’ve had the pleasure of being a client for years and every experience feels like the first time. My stylist still takes time to understand what may be new in my world – never assuming I want the same cut as last time. The skill to listen, interpret, create and execute are rare and deserve to be acknowledged!

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