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Fargo, North Dakota

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Team Members

Monica Bladow – Stylist, Artistic Director, Fb Monica Solem-Bladow

JanaDee Fuchs – Make-Up Artist, Fb JanaDee Engelstad Fuchs

Molly Nelson – Stylist, Fb Molly Nelson



Monica- 15 years- 13 years @ Hair success, 2 years @ Rocco Altobelli’s, Minneapolis Mn

JanaDee- 10 years professionally! (Hair Success) 29 years of personal interest & passion:)

Molly- 5 years @ Hair Success


Experience working with celebrities?

Monica – I got to shampoo the wife a Minnesota Vikings player when I was an assistant at Rocco’s….Does that count?

JanaDee – Make-up for photo shoots for local magazines & style shows. I think all of my clients are celebrities! Everyone wants to feel that special.

Molly – Local News anchors if that counts!


What inspires you?

Monica – Life!  Sometimes you just have to stop, take a breath, and just look around you. Even a blade a grass could make you look at something differently.

JanaDee – pop culture,nature, music

Molly – Making women feel beautiful & confident.


Do any of your team members have a person that you idolize, or someone who inspires you in the hair, makeup, salon or general beauty industry?

Clark-Madonna was always a huge inspiration to Clarks fashion and life, however Martin Parsons was always a favorite for Clark as far as hairstyling goes.

Jeffrey- Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration to Jeffrey. She inspires all of Jeffrey’s looks as a drag queen both in hair, make-up and fashion.

Anjie- Beyonce is a huge influence with Anjie’s style, make-up artistry and of course in drag.

Do any of your team members have a person that you  idolize, or someone who inspires you in the hair, makeup, salon or general beauty  industry?

Monica – It’s way to hard to pick just one…options are a wonderful thing!  Everyone has something they bring to the table.

JanaDee – GAGA!!!

Molly – I look at a lot of celebrities because they are usually in trend. I’m open to experimenting with something new if a client will let me!


Why do you think your team should be one of the top 10 salons to compete in Las Vegas this fall?

Monica – We are ready to be challenged and  pushed further than we’ve been pushed.  We have passion, patience and perseverance!

JannaDee – Our talent often goes unnoticed. We sometimes are discounted because of our geographical location.

Molly – We have a lot of creativity to offer. I don’t think we get enough chances to show that.  We’re willing to push the envelope and show people what Fargo girls can do!


What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

Monica – It’s huge!!  What an accomplishment this would be. To be nationally recognized in a competition like this would be an Honor for any Salon (but we would love to have it!)

JanaDee –  A chance to compete would be such an honor for me. The rest of our team at the Salon would be so proud and supportive.

Molly – A chance to get North Dakota stylists recognized!


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  1. Jodi Miiller says:

    I am so proud of you Monica! We hope you win and put Fargo, ND on the map! You ROCK!!!

  2. Laurie Solem McGath says:

    Good Job!! Keep up the good work.

  3. Sara Olson says:

    Awesome job!!

    • Monica says:

      It’s awesome except for the part where I look petrified to be on camera!! (I do fine when I’m not the total focal point) I’m a much better behind the scenes girl…..I am really hoping that we will get the chance to go play with the big boys. It’s the ultimate playground!

  4. Carole Thon says:

    You girls ROCK it!! You deserve to be there!!! Go Fargo!!!

  5. Christine Bungum says:

    I was able to vote the first day and have not been able to vote since!! I try everyday! :0(

  6. Mallory says:

    I have tried to vote numerous times as are some of my friends and the “vote button” is always blurred out and not accessible. This voting process is completely unfair. I think you should restart the entire thing over once you get the glitches figured out.

    • Jessica says:

      I was able to vote twice and since then Iam unable to. The vote button is always blurred out. Many people in our community are trying to show support for the BEST salon in the country, and yet we are being unheard. Very disappointing!! Wish these glitches would have been worked out! The girls at Hair Success deserve to battle in Vegas!! Good luck ladies!

  7. Mary Dickson says:

    Hair Success is the place to go!! They are great!!

  8. sonia greer says:

    Have voted a couple times but now can’t vote anymore! You all always do an awesome job!

  9. Caleb says:

    voted the first day and was able to vote yesterday now can’t vote again

  10. Christine Bungum says:

    Still have not been able to vote. I have tried EVERYDAY!!!

  11. Sonya Carlson says:

    I would love to vote for these awesome ladies, but it won’t let me. HELP!!!

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    Can’t Vote :( ….. good luck ladies!!!! you rock.

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