Mane Luxe

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Team Members And Experience

Brian Styles – avant gard/color / FB/brianstyles / 22yrs exp.

Ladonna Roxzane – avant gard/style / FB/ladonnaroxzane / 20yrs exp.

Crystal Marotta- avant gard/style / FB/Crystal Marotta / 12yrs exp.


What inspires you?

Our inspiration comes from the actual industry itself, it’s constantly changing and imploring the stylist to go further with our artistry of hair. Battle of the Strands is and will be an inspiration for “we the stylists” to achieve recognition and allows us to indulge in the actual beauty of hair and Battle of the Strands has allowed us to put it all in our portfolio of accolades and triumphs.


What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

Mane Luxe winning this competition would be a great honor and with this honor a great responsibilty must be upheld. It’s our belief that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it… we want to bring the vision to reality by learning/teaching and giving back to the industry… but it all starts one step at a time, even to be picked as in the top 10 would be a feat on it’s own, it shows that Mane Luxe has “something” to offer, and that in itself is rendering.

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  1. West says:

    Best of luck on your Journey!!!!!!! God Bless

  2. West says:

    Best of luck on your Journey!!!

  3. Destini Cooper says:

    Ladonna has done my hair for almost 8 years and my hair is continuously growing long and healthy .

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