Mile High Magic

Denver, Colorado

Ed Gillespie, Lindsay Ambrosio, Dina Bree, Bobbie Mitchell

Beauty With Altitude!

Beauty at the summit of the mountain, Mile High is the cherry on top! Their immaculate expression is constantly gracing CBS, NBC, Oxygen and TLC as well as the pages in between. Creating beautiful art, the team from Colorful Colorado will electrify and ignite the Las Vegas sky!

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Team Members

Ed Gilespie, Hair Stylist.

Lindsay (Schneider) Ambrosio, Makeup Artist.
twitter: lamakeupmadame

Dina Bree

Bobbie Mitchell



Ed- 21
Lindsay- 11


Experience working with celebrities?

The majority of the celebrities we have worked with we are unable to disclose due to contractual agreements. Ed and Lindsay have agents, so unfortunately a lot of their work is confidential. Lindsay can share that she has had the opportunity to work at the Democratic National Convention, with ABC, and was in the press box with the amazing/legendary Sam Donaldson. What a wonderful experience. She also worked with VJ SWAY from MTV, as well as several hosts from Oxygen, The Discovery Channel, and TLC. Dina has worked in television for networks like CBS, NBC and the Hallmark Channel so I have had the chance to work with some celebrities.

What inspires you?

Ed- Life inspires Ed. European architecture and architects inspire Ed as well. How they create statues and buildings. It fascinates him.

Lindsay- SO many things inspire me: Pertaining to life: FAMILY…Pertaining to work: COLOR, TEXTURE, TONES, TINTS, SHAPES, SKIN, EYES, LIPS the list goes on and on… :)

Bobbie - Film, Art, Fashion & Nature

Dina - I am inspired by music, runway & photography.

Do any of your team members have a person that you idolize, or someone who inspires you in the hair, makeup, salon or general beauty industry?

Lindsay- I absolutely idolize Kevin Aucoin and Lady Gaga. A man way above his time and a female that is epitome of a true talent. She is the absolute full package with NO LIMITS! 

Bobbie - Nicholas French (Multiply Avant Garde Winner of NAHA), he constantly produces amazing and fresh concepts that inspire me year after year. His passion takes you with him. I loved learning from him. Christopher Benson (2011 NAHA Colorist of the year award), he has taught me to use art, fashion, to create my own original path. Alexaranda Litowitz, inventor of Featherlocks and Colorsmash, owner of Condition Couture. Alex inspires me to dream the biggest dream and inspires everyone to turn their dream into a reality. 

Dina - I am very inspired by Val Garland.  I love that she does flawless beauty makeup as well as extremely creative high fashion looks.



Why do you think your team should be one of the top 10 salons to compete in Las Vegas this fall?

We deserve to be one of the top 10 salons to compete because we have the determination, creativity, passion, talent and drive, to come to Las Vegas and participate in such a wonderful event as Battle of the Strands. With any and every challenge we are given, we always bring new, unique, innovative and creative ideas to the table and execute them flawlessly and with passion.  

The four of us are all unique in personality, which benefits us on many different levels. When we collaborate, the outcome is nothing less then “Mile High Magic.”


What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

As wonderful and beautiful as Denver is, it’s very commercial, and very limited in terms of artistic acceptance. For example, walking down the street with a magenta pink lip simply does not happen here without judgment. In LA or NYC, its almost the default.  Winning this competition means to Denver and to us as a team, being able to bring something to the state that has NEVER been done before. We believe that gaining that creative support would really bring something new and exciting to “Colorful Colorado.”

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  1. HayHayHay!!! Get it!!!! Good luck Denver Team! We love you Ed!!

  2. Krista says:

    Ed your amazing!! I’m cheering for you!!

  3. Julie Gasca says:

    You all deserve this, crossing my fingers!!! Best wishes!!!

  4. Sierra says:

    I love you lindsay! Get it!

  5. Jeremy Hollingsworth says:

    Vote #1

  6. SharonSmallwood says:

    Mile High Magic—THE BEST EVER!! Knock-em DEAD girls!

  7. Tabitha Hernandez says:

    Go Lindsay!

  8. Kim says:

    Best wishes guys!!! Good luck!

  9. Dina, congratulations I’m soooo excited and happy for you!!! Good Luck!!

  10. Regina Maxey says:

    Good Luck Ed!!!! I know your going to rock it!!!!!!!! Love You

  11. Caroline says:

    You go Bobby! Love u

  12. B. Rich says:

    Congrats to you ALL!! I believe I am going to have to attend this fabulousness in October. Vegas Baby!

  13. Erin Gilliam says:

    You are so awesome and talanted Bobbie! Best of luck friend!!

  14. Elgan says:

    Good luck Bobbie! Go Mile High Magic! America!

  15. Rebecca says:

    Gooooo Bobbie !!! Hope you win ! ;)

  16. Lucy Walton says:

    Hope You win you are anazing

  17. Lynn Gentry says:

    Vegas better get ready. It will be rocked by the team and specifically you Bobbie Sue.

  18. Ann & Roger White says:

    Good luck Mile High Magic!!
    Go get them!!
    Bobbie are Denver team you are the best! :)

  19. Jessica Rabbit says:

    Good luck to you all! Ed, Love you to pieces and I know you will handle this boo! You are the best!

  20. Rosalie says:

    Bobbie, much deserved. You kill it, girl!

  21. Heather Hepp says:

    Good luck Bobbie!

  22. Best of luck, Lindsay! You are amazing and deserve this!!

  23. Katie Weiss says:

    Congrats, Bobbie! SO deserved! Go kick some ass!!

  24. Lacey K. says:

    OF COURSE I’m voting for you all! REPRESENT! Go Mile High Magic <3! You all are going to do amazing! Can't wait to watch! I'll be cheering you on the whole time! XOXO

  25. Katie gentry says:

    Lindsay and Bobbie…. Go get it!!! You both are so amazing and truly blessed with such creativity. What an opportunity to show the world that you both are number one in your fields! Have fun and thank you for taking us with you as you make your dreams happen!!!

  26. PAMELA says:

    Ed,U Go Boy! U are Blessed & Born with the gift from Above there is No Stoppin You,No way, No how.Lay those Strands Out!!!!!!!

  27. Diane Crisman says:

    Good Luck Mile High Magic – Although you don’t need it. :-)

  28. Amanda Gordon says:

    I am spreading the word like a wildfire!! When you win Bob and I will be front row at the show!!! ELATED YOU HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!

  29. Portia Ross says:

    Ed is amazing! Rock hard guys!!

  30. Kindra says:

    Ed is FABULOUS he’s the best in the game and is extremely knowledgable and talented with his craft!!

    Good Luck Mile High Magic!!!

  31. Brandi G. says:

    Ed – LOVE IT!

  32. Ariel Humphrey says:

    Love Lindsay’s work!!

  33. Melanie Schiff says:

    Go Ed! Get it…..<3 you!

  34. Kellie C. Frederick says:

    Ed is a blessing. He saved my hair. He is a hair Wizard. He Rocks!

  35. sharon blackburn says:

    I am so excited for you, wish I were there in the city I love with my new love Bobbie. tiny grandma

  36. Jeff DeHaven says:

    Best of luck to my peeps! I know you will win this!

  37. Natasha Ramm says:

    Good luck!!!

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