Plush Salon

Chatsworth, California

Kimmie Blackhall, Rudy Landeros, Teresa Cervantes, Lindsey Sunderlin

It Would Mean The World To Us!

The team that was featured on “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” is continually inspired to push the envelope. Their work has graced many famed tresses and faces as well as the super sexy Playboy Playmates. Loving Vegas and loving fun, lets see the Plush Dolls get it done!

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Team Members

Kimmie Blackhall - Specializes in hair extensions, color & creative hairstyling

Ruby Landeros - Specializes in color, haircuts, makeup & styling

Teresa Cervantes - Specializes in hair cutting, makeup & styling

Lindsey Sunderlin - Specializes in color, highlights, hair cutting, make up & styling



Kimmie – 9 years experience
Ruby – 5 years experience
Teresa – 10 years experience
Lindsey – 8 years experience


Experience working with celebrities?

Kimmie has had the pleasure of doing hair for Annette Starbuck, owner of Goodie Girls Bakery, cupcake wars winner, as well as Playboy Playmates for many events.
Ruby has had the pleasure to work with such talent as: Sherri Shepard, Vivica Fox, Keisha Cole & Lisa Raye


Who inspires you?

We as a group are inspired by Tabatha Coffey! She “took over” the salon 3 years ago, and it changed Kimmie in so many ways. Tabatha is an amazingly talented woman and we all hope to be as accomplished as her one day.
Ruby also looks up to Dr. boogie, celebrity hairstylist. He is her mentor & friend.


Why do you think your team should be one of the top 10 salons to compete in Las Vegas this fall?

Vegas!!!! We love Vegas, we would LOVE the opportunity to represent Plush Salon in this amazing competition!!! We work really well as a team, we feed off of each others creativity & we love to have FUN! We would put everything into our styles for this event, when we are gearing up fr a competition we eat, sleep (barely), and dream Hair & Makeup! It would be an amazing honor!


What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

It would mean the world to us!!!!!  The chance to prove ourselves as a team!!!



69 Responses

  1. ruby says:

    Go Plush salon!

  2. Hayley Gaulrapp says:

    Kimmie has been doing my hair for years…she is the best! She always has great ideas and whenever I want a change she knows just what to do!! I love her and The Plush Girls!!
    ————-Go Team Plush!!!—————

  3. Sonia says:

    Love plush salon! Very sassy and professional!

  4. Gladys says:

    Very hip, trendy, wild can’t say enough! Good luck ladies

  5. Rotalecouture says:

    I absolutely admire the girls at Plush!!! They all have unique, and creative ideas to style my hair = Professional, Sassy and Unique!!!

  6. Edwina says:

    Love Plush Salon…great atmosphere, great service and the ladies do an excellent job

  7. Agnes Henriquez says:

    Go Plush Salon.. All you ladies rock!!!

  8. Rachel says:

    Love my Gal Ruby @ Plush Salon! Ruby has been doing my hair for the past 4 years now and understands my hard to achieve blonde hair. Not only is she an awesome hair guru, but she is a great friend. Everyone at at Plush is like family and they are always professional and a have great attitudes.

  9. Amanda says:

    The pictures from every event PLUSH SALON works at look amazing. The ladies are always so creative, it blows my mind!

  10. Rachael says:

    Lindsey @ plush salon is great! i only trust my hair & my kids hair in her hands.

  11. DeeDee says:

    My niece and I lololove Lindsie at Plush she is so talented and innovative…I came in with long hair and said cut it off and give me something new WOW!!!! That’s what everybody says about the new me, I truly look amazing! Thanks Lindsie xoxoxo

  12. Don veto says:

    Plush salon rocks they do some of the sickest hair ever good luck girls!!!!

  13. Gabby Kelpe says:

    Ruby has been doing my hair for the past year and I don’t know why I didn’t contact her sooner. She is amazing there is nobody who can make the perfect hair color for me and she can hair style like no one..thank you Plush Salon you guys are so talented..!

  14. Jazmin says:

    Ruby is an amazing and talented hairstylist and make-up artisit! She’s been doing my hair for awhile now and always a happy and satisfied customer!!! I’m always recommending her!!!! Go Plush!

  15. Everytime I have to cut color or style my hair with someone here in FL I hate the fact that I can’t fly to LA and get my hair done at Plush with Lindsey . I Still have a lot of friends on the west coast and always make it a point to refer them there. Love everything she does!

  16. Ana Rodriguez says:

    Good luck ladies. I love your salon.

  17. joey rush says:

    handle it ladies!!! can’t wait to see what styles you rock out:)

  18. Terry says:

    Ruby, is amazing she takes pride in her career. Good luck ladies!

  19. Candice says:

    Best Wishes Ruby, you’re the best!!
    Go Plush Doll Girls…you guys are all awesome!!

  20. tere has always done my hair and she is amazing at it everything she does hair, make-up and waxing she is the best hair stylist im always happy and satisfied with her extrodinary work go TERE and plush wish the best :D !!!!!!

  21. Tina Melendez says:

    Each and everyone of the stylist at Plush are top of the charts with hair design! They even do excellent work on us older ladies! Our hair always makes us look younger. These women are really on their game!

  22. Brandon C says:

    Go get them kimmie

  23. Matt says:

    RUBY ROCKS!!!!!!

  24. Lucy says:


  25. Amparo says:

    Teresa your the best! I’ve always loved your styling and waxing. Best of luck to you and the Salon!

  26. Yeah for Plush,
    The best with a brush!!!!!!!!
    Best of Luck!!!!

  27. Traci Barnett says:

    Lindsey has been doing my hair since she was in school. Love ya girl!

  28. Kimmie B. says:


  29. Daysi says:

    Teresa wish u the best of the best ……hope u girls win !!!!!!!

  30. Ericka Agosto says:

    Great work ladies!!! keep it up. Ericka Agosto MUA

  31. Zazanis' family says:

    Kimmie and her team are awesome. They give back to the community and have hearts of gold. Our daughter has Down Syndrome and she was going to receive a special honor from the DSALA. Kimmie’s team gave our daughter the royal treatment. An updo, sparkles, French tips and her eyebrows done. They made her feel like a princess. They deserve to have some fun and a chance to sparkle and shine.

  32. SARA G says:

    Tere you do such an excellent job….. your are the best, keep it up……

  33. Lucy Freymiller says:

    I saw “tabathas takeover” show and since I live in Chatsworth, I always wanted to try their new & improved salon and hair stylists. well the opportunity came about a couple of days ago when I took in my 17 yr old daughter for highlights. we all know what a nightmare this could have turned out to be but when I picked her up at Plush I could not believe the transformation and amazing job Lindsey had performed on her. Her hair looked absolutely gorgeous and my daughters smile would have made anything they charged definitely worth the cost. That turned out to be the second best part of the experience, the price was beyond reasonable and right then I knew we had finally found the perfect salon and the perfect stylist/colorist

  34. Carla says:

    Good luck ladies!! Since ruby has been cutting my hair has never been as healthy and long as it’s now.

  35. Rita says:

    Lots of luck guys.

  36. Raymundo says:

    Good luck.

  37. Stephanie says:

    Perfection always! Good luck ladies!

  38. Stephanie says:

    Perfection always! Good luck ladies! Xo

  39. Lindsey Sunderlin says:

    Thank you everyone for supporting us during this adventure!!!! We can’t thank you enough for voting. We are blessed with amazing family, friends and of course clients! Xoxoxo

  40. jasmin villa says:

    love love love this Salon greatv place

  41. Bernard says:

    Great staff and a cool place to get your hair done!

  42. Tati says:

    Awesome trust worthy Staff! Always work to perfection!!!

  43. Sandra Zamora says:

    I hear your phenomenal!! Good luck!!

  44. Teresa V says:

    Love the Plush Salon! Especially Tere whom I’ve known for years and is the only one I trust with my hair! =) Good Luck Ladies!!

  45. Rileigh says:

    My moms team is the best! yay!

  46. Jennifer says:

    Kimmie always knows what would look good on me! I won’t have my hair touched by anyone else!!

  47. Jaime says:

    Plush salon and their girls is the best. They have the talent to transform anyone!!! They are amazing!!

  48. lisa p says:

    Plush salon rocks..kimmie has done my hair for years. Shes the best…vegas would b lucky to have these girls.

  49. Karol says:

    Best salon in town!

  50. SANDY says:

    GOOD LUCK GIRLS, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Patti says:

    Great staff and the salon is very cool!

  52. Chris P says:

    The Plush Girls do amazing hair and make-up! Each one of these ladies bring a special gift to their artwork to create an magnificent master piece.

  53. Venita says:

    Wouldn’t go any where else – ever!

  54. Wendy Lou Schofield says:

    This is a super fun video~looks like an awesome salon!!! Very creative hair styles! Good Luck to you Kimmie & The Plush Girls!!! :)

  55. Bria says:

    The best salon ever!! Kimmie is the best!! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. Good luck!! You deserve to win!!!

  56. Michele Palewicz says:

    Good luck Plush Salon! I always enjoy seeing your creativity!

  57. Connie says:

    After attending your last Christmas amazing hair show and party, I know your salon has the talent to win. Go Plush!!

  58. Tyree says:

    Kimmie has been doing my girlfriend’s hair for years. All the girls at Plush are great. I might never know what to expect when she gets home from getting her hair done but I know it will be great. I have seen the work Kimmie and her girls do and I have to say as a man, I can appreciate the beautiful hair my girl always has!

    Thank you Ladies of Plush!!

  59. Michele Palewicz says:

    So I took the time to see who you ladies are up against. Hands down The Plush Ladies have the most talent and best video. Good luck!

  60. Kris G. says:

    Talent and Creativity flow through Kimmie’s hands. She has amazing ideas and always delivers knockout hairstyles. It’s always a treat for me to go and get my hair done at Plush Salon. The atmosphere is fun & friendly. I leave looking and feeling FABULOUS thanks to Kimmie & The Plush Girls!!!

  61. Robin says:

    Good Luck Girls!!!!!!

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