Posare Eastern

Las Vegas, Nevada

300 voted



Team Members

Lori Grey Roy- make up artist

David Neil Austin- Stylist- specializing in hair color facebook davidaustin,



David Neil Austin has been a hairdresser for 23 years in Las Vegas
Lori Grey Roy has been a makeup artist in 25 years in Las Vegas


Experience working with celebrities?

David has worked for numerous celebrities, he was one one the hair stylist that worked on Miss Universe 1996
Lori has worked with celebrites (we are waiting on a list


What inspires you?

Frederic Sekkai is Davids inspiration.


What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

Winning this competition means that we have set a high bar and would be a great accomplishment for our team, it brings great unity in the salon and challenges us to maintain that level of achievement.


Have your team members worked as a talent in any Reality Show? Or hosted any show in any capacity?

David Neil Austin has worked on Ambush Make Over Reality Show and Make Over Stories (Reality Show).

2 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    My gorgeous Partner and very talented make up artist. We r all very seasoned and experienced at our very upscale trendy location!!! We r quaint, cozy and very sensitve to our clients and staff!!!

  2. David says:

    Posare’ is NOT a warehouse salon. Each location is a family made up of the most talented stylists in Las Vegas. Different and unique. While Posare’ Eastern is a salon and gallery, providing a place for local artists to show case their work. Other locations like Town Square are salon and Botiques, with unique accessories. I am so proud of my coworkers for what they do, each and every day. And I couldn’t be any luckier than to have partnered up with Donna to open POSARE’ Eastern.

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