Renee and Gina

Chicago, Illinois

Renee Oliveto, Gina Oliveto

Mother Daughter Dynamo’s!

The windy city won’t blow these experts’ updo’s down. Renee and Gina constantly find inspiration through furthering their education and ensuring all occasions are more than just special for their clientele. This mother daughter dynamo will definitely inspire and show us what’s in their blood!

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Team Members

Rene’e Oliveto

Gina Oliveto

We do it ALL. Cuts, Braids, Up Styles, Corrective Color, Extensions and even Hair Pieces.



Rene’e – has been doing hair for 30+ years as a stylist, colorist and licensed cosmetology teacher and is at a Salon Mount Prospect .

Gina – has been doing hair for 7+ years and currently works as a stylist, colorist at Ulta Salon in Arlington Heights.


Experience working with celebrities?

Rene’e has a client that sells her own clothing line on QVC.


What personal or work experience pushed you to your present career as a beauty professional?

Rene’e lost her hair in front and started working on hair pieces. The satisfaction of helping women with the same problem as I have has been so rewarding. She keeps taking classes to improve her abilities in this area. Gina has become skilled in this area also so she can help her Mom and others.


What inspires you?

Gina- My inspiration comes from growing up with my mom always making my hair look fabulous. She would always have my hair curled or in some sort of braid every day as a kid. Her passion for making people look their best was something that I adapted at a young age. I started doing all my friends hair for dance competitions and school dances. I always wanted to educate my friends on what products to use or what style would look best and I always watched my my mom so I could learn from her. We call my mom the “Up-Do Queen” because she always comes up with new ideas for dressing up hair. My Mom said I “helped” her by telling all of my friends that my Mom would do their hair for free for dances and there were 6 of us in our “group.” She never wanted us to look alike so even though we were young she made each of us unique when she styled our hair. Renee always says,”Special occasions meant you had to have VERY SPECIAL HAIR. ” That statement inspired me to practice and fall in love with doing hair for weddings. With my mom inspiring me to do special and unique hair, they now call me the “Up-Do Guru” at work.
Renee-My inspiration comes from the clients that hug you when they leave because they love their hair so much. I feel so fulfilled when I place a hair addition on a clients head and they feel beautiful and young again. Changing peoples appearance from the outside many times inspires them to work on changing their inside.


Do any of your team members have a person that you idolize, or someone who inspires you in the hair, makeup, salon or general beauty industry?

Renee is obsessed with Martin Parsons {the Up-Do Man}

I saw him at a hair even many, many years ago. It was a class with not even 50 people in the room. It was one of the hotel type classes with chairs put so tight together. I saw this older guy come walking in slowly with a tray of bobby pins and a can of hairspray on it. If it wasn’t so close in the room I would have left. I was thinking where to go next because this was going to be a waste of my time…..Then he started to style the models hair and I was BLOWN AWAY!

I have never seen anyone do what he does, especially in the time frame that he does it in. Every chance I have gotten since I take his classes and am still memorized by his talent. The last time I saw him in Chicago he had the ballroom filled with over 300 people with huge video screens so everyone could see him. My first goal is to have my daughter see him on stage. Second goal is for me to meet him and have my picture taken with him.


Why do you think your team should be one of the top 10 salons to compete in Las Vegas this fall?

Creativity and teamwork are what we are about. Being a mother/daughter team makes us unique. We have fun!!! If you catch us bickering in stressful situation people think it’s very entertaining to watch. It’s like were sisters!


What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

Winning the competition would mean we have broken away from the sadness that has been hanging over us since the passing of our husband/father. It would show us we can move forward. Having a trophy to display will remind us that we can do anything we set our minds too.

39 Responses

  1. jeannie says:

    I have had Renee as my stlist for sixteen years. She works wonders. The best ever

  2. Ida Snyder says:

    I have been having Renee cut and color my hair for many years. Since being a client I have learned how to take care of my hair not only with correct products but styling tips as well. I always receive compliments from strangers on my cut and color even my husband (who NEVER said anything to me before I started seeing Renee). I trust Renee to do with my hair what she sees best for my face shape and skin tone and am ALWAYS happy when I leave the salon.

  3. Cathy says:

    Gina’s been my stylist for a few years now. She’s extremely talented – always thrilled with my color and cuts (and I receive countless compliments)!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Gina’s been cutting, dying and styling my hair for over 4+ years, she is amazing and I could not thank her enough for the numerous compliments on my hair all through school and all of the crazy beautiful up-dos gina has done for me. I can’t wait to see what she can pull off one day for my wedding!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Gina has been doing my hair for 4 years & she’s the best! She does my color, cuts & extensions! And I refer her to all my friends for her updo’s!

  6. Nicole says:

    I remember Renee putting braids in my hair before we would go out in high school, always with a smile on her face, trying to make all Gina’s friends hair look flawless! Gina definately has her mother’s talents in the beauty department, always helping me do my hair and make up before we went out or had a special occassion. Gina now cuts, colors, and styles my hair for 4 years or so now and I am always happy with what she does!!

  7. Sara says:

    Renee is a hair genuis! She works her magic and makes me feel like a movie star ever time I leave her chair! Her daughter is a doll – beautiful & talented. They are an inspirational team and I can’t wait to see them win in Vegas!!!!

  8. Giana says:

    Gina is the only person I will ever trust doing my hair. She’s done it for numerous school dances, and her updos are always amazing. She knows so much about how to keep up with your hair and how to cut it to make you look amazing & confident. I know that I will always look my best after stopping in with Gina.

  9. Patrick says:

    Gina is my personal stylist. I started going to Ulta about 3 years ago, and since I’ve found Gina, I don’t let anyone touch my hair. I have some hardcore, crazy-curly afro-locks, so I have a hard time trusting my hair with just about anyone, but Gina knows my hair like she knows the back of her hand. If some curls are getting out of hand, she knows how to tame them. If I need a fresh style, she’ll do it up. I’m lucky to have someone who actually cares about how good I look- single ladies can rejoice!

  10. Ashley says:

    I work with Gina and she does some of the most amazing up-dos I have ever seen. I have been doing hair for almost 7 years and have NEVER seen such beautiful work. Gina and her mom deserve this!!

  11. Carly says:

    Gina is amazing! I always leave the salon feeling beautiful. If I want to change things up, Gina always has the best advice to what would fit my face shape and style. I am getting married in a year and Gina already has ideas for my special day. Gina is always thinking of her clients and always does a fabulous Job!

  12. Michelle says:

    My sister’s boyfriend is about to pop the question and the first call I will make is to Gina to get my hair done for all of the wedding festivities! She is incredible and creative. She is also as sweet as they come!

  13. Cristina Burgess says:

    I have looked everywhere for a stylist I can trust and finally found Renee. I have been going to Renee for about 2 years now. She has done my hair for my wedding and most importantly, she has made me feel so confident in myself everytime I walk out of her salon. She is truely the best and I would not change her for anyone!

  14. Joann says:

    I was a part of Gina’s little “group” of friends and Renee (mrs.o) would always do an amazing job with my hair! Gina continuously challenges herself to parallel her moms success and it has been great seeing Gina grow into the stylist she has become. Keep it up ladies! Good luck and I wish you the best!

  15. Sylwia Kawa says:

    Renee was my awesome teacher and I learned all from her. Gina was so talented at school where we both attanded and I am not surprise she is such a Hair Queen today. They work wonders. Love you guys and I know you got this!

  16. Natalie says:

    Gina and Renee are the ultimate hair stylists. They have both been “involved” with my hair since I was in the 3rd grade! I have never met more dedicated and passionate stylists than this mother daughter team. I am so proud to say that I know these ladies. They have overcome life’s obstacles with such grace and strength and I admire them both greatly. Love you both and best of luck!!

  17. Csilla says:

    Renee is a lifesaver and hands down the BEST hairdresser I’ve ever had. I have been using her expertise for over 3 years now and I always leave the salon with a big smile on my face! At the moment I’m sitting in her chair trusting her to cut my long hair( l never had a short hairstyle!!!) and I am confident that I will love the end result. She is just a wonderful person and an amazing hairdresser, and deserves all the support she can get. Good luck Renee and Gina, hope you win!!!

  18. Rob says:

    Renee isn’t a stylist. She’s not a colorist. And, most importantly, I wouldn’t even consider her a cosmetologist. Renee is… An artist, plain and simple.

    Everyone in life has some sort of talent, and Renee’s talent just happens to make people not only look beautiful on the outside, but also feel equally as stunning about themselves on the inside as well. She’s more dedicated her profession than almost anyone I’ve met. She works countless hours, and has a hard time saying no to a last minute call for a client to be squeezed in before she can go home. She should truly have her own salon, and then, maybe then, she can. Doers tans just how much she is appreciated for her talent, dedication, and heart.

  19. Rob says:

    Renee isn’t a stylist. She’s not a colorist. And, most importantly, I wouldn’t even consider her a cosmetologist. Renee is… An artist, plain and simple.

    Everyone in life has some sort of talent, and Renee’s talent just happens to make people not only look beautiful on the outside, but also feel equally as stunning about themselves on the inside as well. She’s more dedicated to her profession than almost anyone I’ve met.

    She works countless hours, and has a hard time saying no to a last minute call for a client to be squeezed in before she can go home. She should truly have her own salon, and then, maybe then, she can understand just how much she is appreciated for her talent, dedication, and heart.

  20. Jenny Jen Jen says:

    Gina has everything to offer when it comes to being a stylist. I worked with her for a short time and learned so much from her!! She still takes care of my hair and I trust her with everything. Her hands are magic!!!

    These 2 deserve to go to Vegas, no question!!


  21. Bill says:

    Rene was able to make my (lack) of hair look good! She truly is a hair genius!

    Go Rene!

  22. Amy says:

    Gina and Renee are not only amazing hair stylists but they are the most amazing people I have ever met. They both have a hearts of gold and always make sure I look fabulous:)

    Gina and Renee deserve to go to Vegas!!!

    Love you two :)

  23. Kelly says:

    Gina has been doing my hair for a few years now. She is absolutely the best!!! Some of my college friends drive over an hour to go to Gina because she does such a great job! She also did my sister’s hair for her wedding and I can’t wait for Gina to do my hair for my wedding!

  24. Julieta says:

    Gina has colored my hair and I have been thrilled with the results. She is an expert in hair color and design, I believe she has a wonderful gift of doing fabulous hair. She is definitely my go-to for my hair. I always know I’m going to love what she does.

  25. Nicole P says:

    Gina does an amazing job at up-dos. Everytime I get my hair done by her I get so many compliments and people asking for her name and number! You ladies really can do some cool stuff!

  26. Laura M says:

    Gina has been my hair stylist for 3+ years and she is extremely talented. Gina takes care of our entire family, always making us look our very best!! My daughter got married in July, and Gina and Renee did the entire bridal party, Mom, and both Grandma’s. We all looked amazing for such a special day. Both Gina and Renee are very special to our family and they both are extremely talented, and it is so much fun watching them work together as a team

  27. Laura says:

    Renee and Gina have been the stylists for my children (3 girls and 1 boy) for more than 15 years. They both are very talented and have done amazing styles for the girls’ dances, graduations and pictures. One of my daughters likes to challenge their coloring ability and has (so far) dyed her hair hot pink, black, purple, blue, brown, bronze/orange, and combinations of all of these. Being a blond must be too dull for her! They have also helped with feathers and extensions. Good luck girls! Love, the Havel family

  28. Shannon says:

    I recently attended a wedding where Renee and Gina did the bride and bridesmaids hair. They girls looked AMAZING!!! I also have never met two kinder people and they deserve a Vegas Trip!!!

  29. Virginia Evers says:

    From the looks of their past hairdos, they are surely talented enough to go to LasVegas.

  30. Debbie says:

    Gina is amazing at what she does! I am one of those people with a “sensitive head” for hair styles and Gina styled my hair for a special occasion and I was comfortable all evening with my up-do. I was comfortable and looked great, too!! She has also done a blow out and style to my hair, making it perfect, exactly what I was thinking, without much direction from me….she just knows what to do!!! She is creative and very gifted!!

  31. Tom M says:

    Renee and Gina are both amazing hair stylists. I feel younger and better looking every time I leave the salon. They keep you entertained and they are always happy when they are working on your hair. Look out George Clooney!!

  32. Tom M says:

    Renee and Gina are both amazing hair stylists. I feel younger and better looking every time I leave the salon. They keep you entertained and they are always happy when they are working on your hair.

  33. Sarah says:

    I have always been a “stylist hopper,” never really finding a stylist that I really loved and completely trusted with my hair–until I found Gina! She is absolutely awesome and deserves to win 100%

  34. Jean says:

    Renee is so very talented! I call her the hair doctor because in a short time she can assess a look or condition and explain and then gets to work creating a transformation to a better look and or healthier hair! She understands and can explain the chemistry of hair and color. Once when my hair was thinning out she encouraged me to get a checkup as it was nutrition related and sure enough that was the case and it is now remedied and my hair is growing healthy once more! She does organic color for me and takes all the steps to learn and do it right so it looks amazing! When she cuts my hair listens and infuses her artistry so I leave so happy every time! Both my daughters go to her as well! Beyond that she is a woman of great strength and character and it is a pleasure knowing her!! This award could not possibly go to a more deserving team!!

  35. Catherine says:

    I’d like to say Renee has been doing my hair for 30 yrs, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. I moved away for about 15 years & when I returned I made it a point to find her. She is that good. I trust her implicitly with my hair. It’s true what they say, hairdressers are hard to replace. If I move again I may have to take her with me!

  36. Renee has been my hair stylist for 4 years. She is very creative, professional and completely devoted to her art! She also has done a wonderful job on my two daughters. Renee and Gina would be a great team to watch… dynamic personalities with talent extraordinaire! Joan H

  37. Angela says:

    Renee is not only an amazing hairstylist but one of the most wonderful people I have had the privilege to meet. She does much more than just do hair… She is always available for everyone who may need her. I have seen her teach and pass on her passion for hair to countless of new hairdressers never too tired to answer a question no matter how many hours she just finished working. I have witnessed her spend hours on the phone with companies making sure she had a perfect hair piece for a cancer victim who had been through enough and she wanted to make sure her first hairpiece would be perfect. Her endless dedication has kept her up many nights researching the newest trends and services so as to be able to offer them to her clients. She has tried every new hair product that comes out before recommending them to make sure her client will be satisfied. Hair is her life and she passes her passion on to everyone who sits in her chair or spends more than 5 minutes at her side. After working with her for many years I can clearly say she is an amazing woman and both her and her daughter deserve this opportunity!

  38. Shirley W says:

    Gina and Renee are a fabulous Mother and Daughter team, with hearts of gold. They help others that are stuggling with losing their hair by making them hair pieces, adding extensions and making the person feel beautiful again. They work together as a team and are equally talented as individual sylists. They really do deserve to have this opportunity to prove what they are able to do and I hope they are able to make it to the next step in this competition. Love to them both!! :)

  39. Anne C. says:

    Gina is an amazing stylist and an amazing person. While I have never met Renee, the apple and the tree comes to mind. Gina is patient, kind and attentive. She listens to her clients goals and realistically evaluates what can be achieved to get the best possible result. Gina never pushes unnecessary products and is very cognizant of working within her clients’s budget to achieve great color and cut. Freinds constantly ask me where I get my hair done and Gina is the reason I come back to Ulta and will keep coming back!!

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