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Salon Identity

All the way from South Florida, we would like to introduce ourselves as the team at Salon Identity. We are a unique group of creative stylists that are driven to change the world one beauty at a time and would like to take the time to introduce ourselves.


Denise Gardner is our amazing salon owner who has just celebrated her 30 year anniversary as a hairstylist! She has worked in hair salons and barber shops all throughout Florida and Deleware and looks forward to many more years owning our successful salon. Denise specializes as a color master and loves learning new things every opportunity she gets.


Donna Lynn Devlin is our beautiful and inspiring salon manager who has been in the beauty industry for her entire life, starting with making over her 4 sisters as kids. She was always told she has such an amazing talent and would go very far in life with it, and that she did. Donna specializes in hair and make up for weddings, special events and also for private photoshoots. She “loves changing people’s lives and creating art one beauty at a time.” She is highly inspired by her husband and 3 children who support her through thick and thin. She also lives by the quote, “You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen, but if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your souls own doing.” by Maire Stopes. You can find Donna Lynn Devlin on Facebook at Salon Identity’s page, as well as her own page under “Donna Lynn Devlin.” Also, she has her own website;


Joan Mendez is one of our stylists who has over 21 years of experience the beauty industry, working in New Jersey and Florida. She has always loved doing hair and the people who she changes are her biggest inspiration, as well as her supporting family. Joan has worked with celebrities John Cygan and his wife and did Michael Chiklis’ wife’s hair. Having such an honor has helped push her in her career. You can find Joan on Salon Identity’s Facebook.


Michael Mullany is our newest member of the team, but don’t let the word new scare you! He has been working in Florida and Michigan for over 25 years specializing in color, up-do’s, and wedding hair. He was a Walt Disney Hair and Make-up Specialist from January of 1993 to July of 1998 and has worked with many stars including Joan London and her daughter and Regis Philbin. He was pushed by hair grandmother, who taught him how to set hair and had a love for it from day one. He is inspired by his family, fashion, nature and television and when asked what his biggest fear was, he simply stated “spiders” and laughed. You can find Michael Mullany on Facebook and also on Salon Identitys page.


We believe we should compete in Las Vegas because together we have enough drive to change not only Florida, but the whole world. We would love the opportunity to show people from all over the country what incredible things we can do and if we win the competition we will create excitement and will power that will drive us to succeed and follow our dreams of success. We are all aware of the filming and look forward to it if given such amazing opportunity!

Much love from sunny South Florida!

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  1. Marcia Wildermuth says:

    Wishing you the Best of Luck, You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the Best!!!

  2. michael says:

    I voted for y’all
    Hell even Tabatha Coffee is gonna vote for yer.

  3. JOAN SAYS says:


  4. Another vote for SALON IDENTITY!

  5. maryann cunninham says:

    Yay you go!

  6. colleen rymanowicz says:

    kick azz n take names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. JOAN SAYS says:


  8. Jessica Mendez says:

    You guys are the best salon and deserve to win :)

  9. Salon Identity will style their way to the top of the competition, Party Rockin in the house tonight, bring it on, lt the Battle Begin, Kick some Butt and cut some Hair,

  10. Jill Swindell says:

    Good luck to you guys!!! Love ya Denise (:

  11. Kat says:

    Good luck!!!!!! I’m sure you got it licked

  12. Mimi says:

    Goog luck my dear…………….Mimi the french canadian

  13. Terri says:

    Best of luck to all of you! You’re the best!!

  14. Tiffany Raynor says:

    Go!!! Donna and team…..

  15. JR Hull says:

    Good Luck!!

  16. Brooke Gardner says:

    Good Luck!!

  17. Diana says:

    Good luck guys love ya

  18. Ruthe Swindell says:

    Salon identity is the best

  19. Susan says:

    Awesome. Salon The best in our area

  20. Sydney Gardner says:

    Salon identity is the best I know u will win I love u so much mom and everyone in the salon u got it salon Identity!

  21. MIMI says:


  22. lisa coppeto boyer says:

    hey im a friend of denise’s we go all the way back to high school she is one of the sweetest people i know i wish you all the best of luck!!! :)

  23. Sharon says:

    Salon Identity is the best Salon ~ Denise is my hair stylist. Love her, she’s the sweetest!

  24. Don says:

    Salon Identity ROCKS, Best place ever. Denise is AWESOME!!!

  25. Diana Longhenry says:

    Good luck to a wonderful leader of many talented people!

  26. robert gardner says:

    Best of luck!

  27. Hannah says:

    Go salon identity !!!

  28. Marcia Wildermuth says:

    Joan is my Hairstylist, and I love her! Good luck, You Rock Salon Identity!

  29. Natalie Brown says:

    Love all of them… Good luck guys, you totally deserve this!!!

  30. Carla Mendez-Gillespie says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  31. Alan Jordan says:

    Good Luck!!!!!!

  32. Kenny K says:

    Good Luck – I hope you guys go all the way!!

  33. Terri F says:

    Good luck! You are all fab- especially my Donna :)

  34. Tony LiCalzi says:

    Wow! Best of luck!!! Joan is the best!!!!

  35. Chris Jordan says:

    Joan @ salon Identity is the best! Vegas Babyy!

  36. Sandy says:

    Salon Identity Rocks!

  37. Mary Ruziecki says:

    Salon Identity is the best salon in Florida!!!!!! Battle of the trands meet your new CHAMPIONS!!!!! VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!

  38. Mary Ruziecki says:

    Joan Mendez is a superb stylist!!!!!!

  39. Kim brill says:

    Salon identity ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  40. Fran says:

    Las Vegas will never be the same!!
    You will Lov Salon Identity!!

  41. Taylor Welch says:

    Good luck to all my friends at Salon Identity. You are all amazing and I cant wait to see what you’ll do in Vegas! Much love :)

  42. Jakki & Rod says:

    Hey, Denise – you all have got this in the bag!! Luv ‘ya from Delaware.

  43. Peggy Williams says:

    Good luck! Pack your bags and get ready to go to Vegas!!
    Your are the best! :-) Peggy

  44. Marshall Kidd says:

    Best of luck

  45. Erdne Andreyev says:

    A cut above the rest! Good Luck!

  46. steve miklus says:

    good luck

  47. Amy says:

    Ok, I’m on my third day in a row it is not letting me vote on my netbook, laptop, nor cellphone. I have not voted in the last 24 hours, infact, it has been at least 72 hours.

    • JOAN SAYS says:

      you can only vote once per IP address Amy.. so if you are out and about.. you can possibly vote again! thanks for your support!!

  48. Marcia Wildermuth says:

    Hang in there, you will get there, cause I said so!!!

  49. JOAN SAYS says:

    thank you Marcia!! xox

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