Salon San Marco

Jacksonville, Florida

Tina Krinhop, Amy LaVe, Valeria Brooks,

Living A Dream!

Salon San Marco is fresh and fun from the coast of fabulous Florida! Their work mirrors their soul with a quirky edge and a dash of whimsy. From First Coast Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week this team will raise the bar in avante garde!

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Team Members


Tina Krinhop
• Hair Stylist
• Hair & Makeup Director for FIRST COAST FASHION WEEK
• Founder, Director, & Lead Hair Designer for HMFM COLLABORATIVE

Tina hasn’t always been a Hair Stylist. She started her adult life with a degree in Journalism, working primarily in advertising. But she longed to be working in a career that filled her with passion…tired of going to bed at night dreading waking up in the morning to a job that left her feeling lifeless. So she took the leap and went back to school to pursue a passion. Now, she wakes in the morning feeling like she is living a dream. Being a Hair Stylist isn’t just a job for her, it is a life force that feeds her soul. Tina has worked many of the Northern Florida fashion shows and events, and finds creating hair in the fast-paced backstage environments exhilarating. Her drive and leadership skills took her into the position of “Director of Hair & Makeup” for the annual First Coast Fashion Week, where she leads over 40 hair and makeup pros behind the scenes of one of Northern Florida’s largest fashion events.

Tina finds inspiration every time she sees the client smile at the end of a service. Making someone feel great about themselves is a motivator like no other to do her best everyday. When it comes to the extreme “fantasy” work she does outside of the salon, inspiration comes from her quirky nature mixed with an edge of fearlessness and a dash of whimsy. Creating “living art” usually starts as a little spark of an idea that forms into the thought: “How could I make that with hair?” Then she dives in head first and starts creating. In a quest to feed her need to explore more avant-garde styling, Tina created the organization HMFM Collaborative. She wanted to give the talented hair and makeup pros in Jacksonville an outlet to shine creatively and push boundaries. She also wanted to show the public how artistic hair and makeup can be “up close and personal” with none of the photoshop trickery used in photographs. So she pioneered this movement to create unique events that showcase those skills. Also, all of the events that HMFM holds give back to the community by benefitting a local charity.

Participating in and WINNING Battle of the Strands would be a career and life high for Tina. She has worked hard to set a new bar in the Northern Florida hair community in avant-garde styling, therefore being a part of a national competition the likes of Battle of the Strands would not only take her career to new heights, but would be allowing her heart to soar new heights.


Amy LaVe
• Makeup Artist

Amy basically grew up in the salon being that her grandmother has been doing hair since 1962. She was a huge influence in Amy’s life, as well as her Spanish-French fashionista mother! Her mother was a model for Buffalo Jeans and a Professional Disco Queen in the late 1970′s! Amy embodies her mother greatly when it comes to fashion and personal style, which plays in with her art of hair and makeup design.

Amy loves ALL forms of art and always has since she can remember. She is influenced by everything around her. There are so many elements she pulls inspiration from: fashion, other artists, history, nature, people, animals, life in general. Amy chooses to use the story of her life to fuel her drive to succeed in this industry, and she is inspired by many individuals. The first in the beauty industry to infuse her to pursue her dreams was the legendary Vidal Sassoon and Kevyn Auccoin.

Amy continually lends her makeup artistry to many fashion photographers, and her work has been in seven editorial spreads in various magazines both nationally and internationally with two more to be released by August. She had her makeup look displayed in the Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week for Love Brigade, and was a makeup artist for “In The Pits,” a local TV sitcom. Amy’s enthusiasm and talent awarded her the position of “Lead Makeup Artist” for First Coast Fashion week, where she served as the “go to” person for 15 makeup artists backstage for the multiple day event.

When asked “what is your greatest fear,” Amy states that she is not one to be fearful, but if she has to say it, her greatest fear would be to disappoint herself or her family.

Winning Battle of the Strands means everything to Amy! She truly loves avant-garde design. It is her passion to break new boundaries and push herself to another level that goes above and beyond.


Valerie Brooks
• Hair Stylist | Owner-Salon San Marco
• 30 years as a Hair Stylist

Valerie is the individual in Team Salon San Marco that provides a wealth of industry experience. In addition to many gratifying years behind the chair, she was also a Kuene Color Educator, where she enjoyed teaching others the skill of great color. But what she really loved about the position was continually learning and furthering her own knowledge. Her mantra is that you have never been in this business long enough to stop learning something new.

Her desire to pursue a career that allowed for creativity is what pushed her into the hair business, and today she is still driven by the instant gratification she feels working with her hands to create. The variety and diversity of each client she works on gives her inspiration…the creative spark is ignited everyday. Inspiration for Valerie has also come from many icons: Ruth Roche, Vidal Sassoon, Vivienne Mackinder, and Antoinette Beenders.

What would winning Battle of the Strands mean to Valerie? Valerie states, “to just get acknowledged is a great achievement, but to win would be proof that stepping out of your comfort zone should always be a goal we all set for ourselves.”


Why should Salon San Marco be one of the top 10 salons to compete in Las Vegas?

Team Salon San Marco has the creativity, enthusiasm, passion, and drive to be a top contender of Battle of the Strands. We have the experience in fantasy/avant-garde styling that has made us prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime moment. We don’t hold back, and push to better ourselves and our skills in each endeavor we take on…AND we have FUN while doing it!

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  1. Gale Sloan says:

    They are the best!

  2. Kristin Aringdale says:

    Salon San Marco is the Best!!!!

  3. Most creative team that I’ve had the opportunity to work with, by far. Every creation is completely unique and out of this world!

  4. Shameka says:

    Go salon san Marco Go for the goal!

  5. Shameka says:

    their vision was well planned’

  6. Sherlene says:

    Their work is impeccable! Go salon San Marco!

  7. Debbie taylor says:

    salon san marco is so awesome!!!! they do the best work and they love what they do….

  8. Janice Jenkins says:

    True hair artist. Fabulous!

  9. Renee Henry says:

    San Marco Salon is fantastic and their vision is amazing. The model in this video (Makayla Brie)is absolutely stunning!!

  10. Joy says:

    Tina is the BEST EVER!!!! I will always follow her even if it’s to the end of the earth! :-)

  11. Jaye carVer says:

    Love love Tina!!

  12. Captain Randy says:

    Spanking? Well, I’ll vote anyway….. Ha Ha… you go girls… good luck!!!

  13. Tara Clendenen says:

    Get it girls!

  14. Julie Bradberry says:

    Valerie Brooks does the best color and cut more than any other hair stylist. Salon San Marco is AWESOME!

  15. Tina says:

    Thanks for voting everyone! We so appreciate the support. Big shout out to our beautiful model in the video, Makayla Brie! Keep spreading the word everyone! Jacksonville needs to be represented in Vegas!

  16. Best of Luck to Salon San Marco!

  17. Davis Milsouri says:

    Tina, Good Luck on the competition your Salon is top notch.. Makayla Brie is a class act model in the area and is the perfect one to showcase your teams work.

  18. Olga says:

    The Best!!!!!!

  19. Jen says:

    Great work you guys!

  20. Amy Newby says:

    How did I not know about your salon? You are FABULOUS!!! Incredible work! Quite honestly, I watched all of the submission videos, and yours is easily one of the very best submissions! I LOVE it!!!

  21. Jeff says:

    This salon is the best!

  22. Captain Randy says:

    I know the fire that fuels Valerie. Her profession is much more than a job to her,.. it’s her way of giving to people what she knows best… beauty, self-confidence and charm. Val is able to interpret her client’s needs into a revelation that transforms them into what they need the most. To look as beautiful as they feel…. Knock’m out Val, ya’ll can do it…. can you take a friend? LOL…. Yo Captain.

  23. Suz says:

    The Best! Amazing work!

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