Glam Alliance

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Andrew Schmitz, Brenda Torre, Crystal Mitchell

A team of sass and glam from Minnesota’s land of 10,000 lakes. Highly regarded as the insider team with many renowned beauty pageants while enhancing the manes and faces of over 100 celebrity clients. Crowns and extensions will hold a high reign, as these contenders will be on their A-game!

1345 voted

The Hair Product You Cannot Live Without!

Fashion Day – April 26 (Styled by Brenda)

Brooks Brothers Spring (Styled by Brenda)

Green Mill Commercial (Styled by Brenda)

Great Clips (Styled by Brenda)


Andrew Schmitz

Extension and hair color master

FB:Andrew Schmitz


Brenda Torre

Make-up / Styling for TV, Film, Print, Runway and Special Events  

FB: brendatorre



Crystal Mitchell


FB: / Crystal.Mitchell.9400



Crystal: 16 years doing extensions / 5 years as a licensed stylist – Based in Waterloo Iowa

Brenda:  28 years, as a make-up artist/ instructor/stylist – Based in Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN

Andrew: 8 years based in Minneapolis, MN


What inspires you?

Brenda: Travel, people, and honesty.

Crystal: Nature, circumstance, and beauty.

Andrew: Shiny things.


Do any of your team members have a person that you idolize, or someone who inspires you in the hair, makeup, salon or general beauty  industry? 


BRENDA: I am inspired by many, but idolize none.



Why do you think your team should be one of the top 10 salons to compete in Las Vegas this fall?



What does winning the competition mean to your salon? Or to your individual members?

It will validate our fabulosity.


Here are some of the Celebrities I have worked with:

Alan Houston

Denise Austin

Kevin Garnett

Sheryl Swoops

Tony Dorsett

Andre Patterson

Andrea Lloyd Curry

Barry Melrose

Bert Blyleven

Briana Scurry

Bud Grant

Candice Wiggins

Chris Carter

Dan Gladden

Darren Elliot

Dave Winfield

Dennis Green

Glen Taylor


Howie Long

Jenny Potter

Jim Marshall

John Randall

Karen Bye

Kelly Hrudey

Lou Nanne

Mark Jackson

Max McGee

Mike Morris

Paul Molitor

Randall McDaniel

Randy Foye

Randy Moss

Sean Burke

Seimone Augustus

Tori Hunter

Lil’ Kim

David Arquette

Leighton Meester

Randy Jackson

Steve Zahn

Andrew Shue

Beth Riesgraf

Bonnie Summerville

Brad Maule

Carly Schroeder

Carol Alt

Andrew Zimmern

Chris Klein

David Brenner

Dee Snider


Greg Kinnear

Harvey Mackay

Shelley Long

Jackie Gleason

Holly Hoffman

Jim Brickman

Jim J. Bullock

Josh Hartnett

Leelee Sobieski

Mary Higgins Clark

Justin Long

Richard Lewis

Jesse Ventura


Addison Timlin

Tyler Labine

Francis O’connor

Jess Weixler

Kaley Couco

Robert Buckley

43 Responses

  1. Best of luck Crystal, you deserve it!

  2. Tanara Colson says:

    Crystal I am rooting for your team! Have a fabulous time. Wish you well in the competition!

  3. First Lady Clay says:

    Our prayers for your success Crystal & team Glam Alliance!!!

  4. Ashley Michaelsen says:

    I worked with Crystal for a short time and in the short time she always wowed me. She is absolutely amazing. Good luck to you and your team !!!!

  5. Patricia Williamson says:

    It has an awesome opportunity to see my daugthter CRYSTAL Mitchell expressing her knowledge, creativity and adventure by do hair…..AWESOME!

  6. Bettie says:

    Good luck Crystal.

  7. Yasmeen Taylor says:

    Good Luck Crystal, and Glam Alliance!

  8. Anjanise George says:

    When I first met Crystal, I knew immediately she was someone special with great talents and self worthiness. You go GIRL!! Do what you do and you guys definitely have my vote! Kudos!!!

    Your cousin from Mississippi,

  9. CeLia Jones says:

    Good luck, Crystal and team!! We are cheering you all the way to Vegas!!!!

  10. Morgen Clay says:

    Congrats and many prayers to CRYSTAL and Glam Alliance!!!!!!

  11. Eloise Lyons says:

    Congrats Crystal, and your team. Best wishes.

  12. ALITA MCGINNIS says:


  13. Jervae Brown Woods says:

    OMG! Is this my cousin!!!! I’m rooting for you and the team. You doing big things girl. I’m so proud and happy for you!!!! You deserve this opportunity because I know you are great. Do your thang girl!!! God Bless You.

  14. Christian says:

    I am so proud to say I know the great Crystal Mitchell. God has given her a great gift that births creativity. Crystal, I wish you & your wonderful team, Glam Alliance the best of Luck & Blessing. Show the world your gift & go to the top. The sky is only the beginning for you & Glam Alliance. Peace & Blessings, In the words of Mary Mary, “Go Get It”!!!

  15. corye says:

    Its about time to have real in reality. Mrs. Mitchell do yo thang.

  16. Alicia says:

    Look @ you Crystal. You must be so proud of yourself. Go Girl!

  17. Endya says:

    Good luck Crystal and team! So excited for you!

  18. Endya says:

    So excited for you &the team! Go Glam!

  19. Mickennzie says:

    Crystal has always been amazing at doing hair. I’ve worked with her in a salon as well as at Peels and she knows what she is talking about. She has pushed me to better myself in this industry and has always been a great friend and role model. May God bless you beyond anything you have ever imagined! Good luck Crystal and Team Glam!

  20. Jenni says:

    Crystal you are awesome!!! So proud to say I have worked with you! Best of luck to you and your team!!!

  21. LaShonda Williamson says:

    I’m so proud of u sissy. U deserve this shot & I’m so glad u have a lot of ppl rooting for your success:) Go Glam Alliance!

  22. odie & portia says:

    Enhancing lives with a purpose

  23. Erica Haymon says:

    My best friend is awesome and she deserves this chance to show the world how awesome she is, Im so excited for her! U rock lady!!!! Love u

  24. Erica Brown says:

    U go girl!! Go do the thing!! so Proud of u Chica!

  25. Brittany Haymon says:

    Gd Luck Crystal and Crew!

  26. Elmaria Rosado says:

    Good luck! With God first all things are possible. Go Crystal and team!

  27. Marilyn Clay says:

    Congrats to Crystal and Team Glam Alliance.

  28. Shika Rosario says:

    Good Luck Crystal!!!! Best of luck to you and your team. :)

  29. Christine says:

    I got your back niece Crystal!!! I’m voting every chance I get.

  30. Teresa Adair-Robinson says:

    Pulling for you and the entire Glam Alliance….

  31. Howard Haymon says:

    Good Luck

  32. Q says:

    My sis doin it BIG….love you….go get em

  33. Tosh says:

    Gooooo crystal & Team Alliance…..I pray Gods Favor be upon you and the rest of the team,Crystal I have watched u from learning how to braid your first swoop (on me) 2 learning how 2 cut,u totally deserve this chance of a lifetime…..FYI @ Team alliance you have one of theee best!!! Best of luck to you all!!!

  34. Jay says:

    They are making hard to register my votes….notes giving up

  35. Nanna says:

    Stay Encouraged!

  36. Alexis says:

    Good luck Brenda!

  37. L says:

    I thought we could vote every day. I haven’t voted from my computer at work since friday, but I’m not able to vote today. Over the wknd I couldn’t vote from my phone for two days. I feel like you guys are missing votes:/ I’m not giving up GO Glam Alliance!

  38. Crista says:

    I keep trying to vote, and it still says the same number of votes. I will keep trying! GOOD LUCK! I’ll share this on facebook, too, so people can vote for you! :)

  39. Fallyn says:

    Go Brenda and Andrew!!! You guys are the best!! Love you both!!! You guys are going to rock!!

  40. Nosisi says:

    Crystal is the best! You are amazing you made feel beautiful and sexy. I enjoyed having different hairstyles sometimes I wish I was still in America. However, because of you I am still looking gorgeous.
    Love you Crystal

  41. J. Levin says:

    Some of the most entertaining and talented people I know by themselves and when they work together. Go Glam Alliance Go!!!!

  42. Kamilah says:

    Crystal, I would like to see you enter into a new realm of creativity. If selected, I think this show will foster that opportunity for you…Best of Luck!

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